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Math Power at Home

Edited by Gerald Kulm

Use the links below to explore hands-on mathematics activities that emphasize applications and problem solving, estimation, and conceptual understanding. Learning is built around hands-on work, group activities, in-depth exploration, interdisciplinary projects, and use of calculators and other tools.

These activities are designed to let the student do things with a minimum of explanation and demonstration.

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Patterns and Symbols
Activity 1:   Kalah
Activity 2:   Number Tricks
Activity 3:   More Number Tricks
Activity 4:   Quick Questions
Activity 5:   What's Missing
Activity 6:   What Comes Next?
Activity 7:   Make a Sequence
Activity 8:   Guess My Rule
Activity 9:   Phone Patterns
Activity 10: Garden Patterns
Activity 11: Paying Patterns
Activity 12: Picture Patterns
Activity 13: Solve with Patterns
Activity 14: Patterns in Music
Activity 15: Venn Diagrams
Activity 16: Symmetry in Numbers
Activity 17: Symmetry in Goldbach Numbers
Activity 18: Games, Grids, and Graphs
Activity 19: Tic-Tac-Toe on a Grid
Activity 20: Getting Rich
Activity 21: Seasonal Graphs
Activity 22: Earning Money
Activity 23: The Costly Calculations Game Show
Activity 24: Three Bean Salads
Activity 25: Checkers Anyone?
Activity 26: How Many Please?

Rational Numbers
Activity 27: Water Fun
Activity 28: Map Reading
Activity 29: How Much?
Activity 30: Comparing Measurements
Activity 31: Savings on Best Buys
Activity 32: Paying Taxes
Activity 33: Football Facts
Activity 34: The Color of M&Ms
Activity 35: Dollar Data
Activity 36: Measuring Myself
Activity 37: Comparison Shopping
Activity 38: Better Buy
Activity 39: Kitchen Measures
Activity 40: Fraction Fun
Activity 41: Pizza Pieces
Activity 42: Squirming Squares
Activity 43: Cookie Capers
Activity 44: School Population

Geometric/Spatial Reasoning
Activity 45: Straw Towers
Activity 46: Mobius Strips
Activity 47: My Neighborhood
Activity 48: Regions of the World
Activity 49: Aestheometry
Activity 50: Pyramids
Activity 51: Designing the Perfect Park
Activity 52: Kitchen Symmetry
Activity 53: Simply Symmetrical
Activity 54: Solid Shapes
Activity 55: Pentominoes
Activity 56: Pentomino Art
Activity 57: Going in Circles
Activity 58: Estimating Measurements
Activity 59: Area
Activity 60: Guess an Area
Activity 61: Crazy Cats
Activity 62: Window Work
Activity 63: Room Design

Probability and Statistics
Activity 64: Rain, Snow, and Sleet
Activity 65: Marble Mania
Activity 66: Plant Patterns
Activity 67: Telephone Time
Activity 68: Real Data
Activity 69: Top Hits
Activity 70: Warm Numbers
Activity 71: Valuable Vowels
Activity 72: Probability and Prediction
Activity 73: Thumb Tack Toss
Activity 74: Circle a Number
Activity 75: Hitting a Home Run
Activity 76: Weather Watching
Activity 77: Family TV
Activity 78: TV Plot
Activity 79: Basketball Stats