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Parent Educator Manual

The education of parents and caregivers is one of the primary objectives of the SEE Initiative. We have created this Parent Educator Manual as a tool in your extremely vital role as your child’s first teacher. It serves as a supplemental guide to parents and caregivers to help children in the exploration of science, mathematics, and technological resources. Use the manual to:

  • gain a better understanding of informal teaching;
  • learn how to appropriately address many mathematics and science inquiries;
  • assist the youngsters in your family and community to explore the world around them;
  • understand how science is connected to everyday experiences; and, most importantly,
  • help your child(ren) make the connection!

Our emphasis in the SEE program is on “informal” learning. School can be fun, but learning outside of school can be fun too! The process of absorbing, processing, and comprehending does not have to take place in a formal classroom. With an inquisitive mind, a walk through your yard or local park will open a new world of experiences. Figuring out why a cake “fell” is scientific, fattening and fun, especially when the experience is shared with your child!

It is hoped that you will use the Parent Educator Manual often. Your children will appreciate the time you spend together and you may even learn something new! Knowledge is power. Make sure that YOU empower your children.

To schedule or locate a training session wiith you and your community, please contact the SEE Facilitator in your area!

Download the Parent Educator Manual

You may download the Parent Educator Manual in its entirety, but it is a very large file and may take a long time. For faster downloads, you may want to download the manual in sections, as outlined below.
image: Cover of SEE Parent Educator Manual

Cover [PDF, 28K]
Table of Contents
[PDF, 28K]
[PDF, 62 K]
Section 1: Why Parent and Family Involvement
[PDF, 273K]
Section 2a: Science Activities
[PDF, 577K]
Section 2b: Science Activities
[PDF, 407K]
Section 3a: Math Activities
[PDF, 365K]
Section 3b: Math Activities
[PDF, 232K]
Section 3c: Math Activities
[PDF, 185K]
Section 3d: Math Activities
[PDF, 232K]
Section 4: Did You Know Facts
[PDF, 345K]
Section 5: Useful Resources for Parents
[PDF, 57K]

Entire manual [PDF, 3.6MB]

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