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Partners and associates
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Partners and associates
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If you are a community leader who has experienced SEE and would like to begin to implement the principals of using Science in Everyday Experiences, this section is for you. Our goal is to create a SEE without walls, so if you are doing a community event such as a health or science fair or a community block party, or if you are in charge of a children's group or plan to do some work with parents in the community, we want to make sure you have the tools you need to incorporate SEE into your community events.

The navigation bar at left will take you to the following resources.

Identify materials that will be useful in developing a child's interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) by checking out these sections of the website:

Best books for children
Refer to this list of science books, and then research websites like or to find science books at bargain prices.
Science news
Discover resources for accessing science news that will supplement information you receive from newspapers, science magazines, schools, and libraries.
Review health and mathematics education standards.
TV and radio shows
Find science programs for children, parents and teachers on tv and radio.
SEE radio
Listen to SEE radio interviews with African American scientists. Discover how science influences their lives and how their work influences the lives of others.
Hands-on activities
Review suggestions and print out plans for science, mathematics and technology activites that can be used to engage children at community science events.

Tools for Parents
In addition to other resources provided for parents on this site, check out these parent-specific tools.

Parent educator manual
Review this resource written for parents who wish to provide SEE activities for their children at home.
Did-you-know? facts
Stimulate a child's thinking about science with cards containing science facts.

Tools for Children
Several resources on the site, including the following, are designed for children to use independently.

Kids' corner
Find links to websites with science games and activities. Print Kids' Corner science activities, too, and conduct your own experiments.
Homework help
Make use of several homework-help websites which are ideal for an after-school session at a community center, local church, or in the home.

Free Downloads
Use this section of the site for easy access to SEE resources that may be downloaded to your computer and printed for easy reference.

SEE Support
Find support in making your science and everyday experiences a success, by checking out these sections of the site:

SEE facilitators
Refer to the list of SEE Facilitators and contact the SEE Coordinator in your state for assistance in making your SEE activities a success.
Training calendar
Use the SEE training calendar to find dates for upcoming training sessions or SEE community events in your area.



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