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Techlinks for CTCs
Science, Math, Health & Literacy Activities for Community Technology Centers

Edited by Yolanda S. George, Nathan E. Bell, and Gaynelle Bowden

Use the links for Activities 1-34 below to view and print worksheets for exploration of a variety of science and mathematics topics. Each worksheet lists the activity's educational objectives and defines the underlying science or math principles. Worksheets also provide guidelines for performing the activities, lists of materials, questions for focusing the student's learning, suggestions for tailoring activities for students with disabilities, and optional resources for expanding the topic. The worksheets identify the targeted age groups for each activity, but most of the activities appeal to all ages.
Activity 1:   Static Electricity
Activity 2:   Simple Electric Circuits
Activity 3:   Conductors and Insulators
Activity 4:   Lights, Sound,Action!
Activity 5:   Build It Game Boards
Activity 6:   Magnetic Pickups
Activity 7:   Strong Is Your Magnet
Activity 8:   Exploring Magnetic Fields
Activity 9:   Magnetic Pictures
Activity 10: Build It Electromagnet
Activity 11: Build It Electric Motor
Activity 12: Push Against Air & Wind
Activity 13: Air Pressure Power
Activity 14: Air in Motion
Activity 15: Sink or Swim
Activity 16: Density Layers
Activity 17: Floating Eggs
Activity 18: Estimation Challenge
Activity 19: 293
Activity 20: Beanbag
Activity 21: Unconventional Measure
Activity 22: Making Maps
Activity 23: What's Your Wingspan
Activity 24: Kahah
Activity 25: Close the Lid
Activity 26: Tangrams
Activity 27: Letters & Words
Activity 28: Word Patterns
Activity 29: Word Factory
Activity 30: Voices & Choices
Activity 31: Bottled Model Lungs
Activity 32: Inhale and Smell
Activity 33: 12-Spot
Activity 34: Why You Are You